Areas of Expertise


Starting from the conclusion that the threat of terrorism is global and that the values of Western civilization are a target for extremists of all types Mr. Bellahsen has concluded that the Israeli model of training individual citizens and public and private organizations in the prevention and response to terrorism is the best deterrent to terrorist threats and attacks.  Mr. Bellahsen also believes that these operational procedures also reduce the amount of tension and anxiety that can be experienced in these types of situations.

Up until this time the need for the civilian population to be overly concerned and incorporated into terrorist intervention and response units was nonexistent or minimal at best.  Mr. Bellahsen has found that cooperation between the civilian population and government and private security and rescue services have become the bulwark against terrorist threats and attacks as we have seen by the greater awareness of the public and governmental authorities throughout the world.

However, without formal procedures, training and expertise in the fields of terrorism prevention and reaction to terrorist attacks it is difficult, if not impossible, for the civilian population to aid governmental authorities to optimally handle these threats and attacks.  We must instill in the civilian population the thought that “I must first be concerned with my safety and wellbeing”.  It is my personal responsibility and not only the government’s.

In schools, hospitals, private and government facilities, places of worship, etc. concerns with and adequate solutions in the areas of access and egress, emergency procedures, dangerous individuals and objects can prevent incidents from occurring and save lives.  These concerns are fundamental to any country that has the ultimate concern for human life and will alter the perception of terrorism and solutions that have already been suggested and adapted by the State of Israel, such as public assistance in the wake of terrorist attacks, greater empathy for those involved, and a greater interaction between civilian and governmental units that are in place to prevent and respond to terrorist threats and attacks.

In these areas no one can reasonably claim to have a perfect solution for every scenario, however, in preparing and organizing an attack if the terrorist group finds that the obstacles to perpetrate an attack are too great, they will seek an easier target.

We have not adequately formulated oral or written responses to explain these terrible situations and it is difficult for us to adequately explain and alleviate the trauma of terrorist actions.  Pi Expertise is able to provide assistance and expertise to those individuals and agencies that wish to establish counseling units to aid civilian and governmental agencies in providing assistance in the least traumatic way.

This department is able to provide guidance and expert training to establish the following fields:

Preventive Security, implementation of preventative protocols (very common in Israel), and procedural protocols in the event of a terrorist incident by using actual events and scenarios encountered in terrorist events in Israel and throughout the world.  Areas of concern that are covered in the courses are actual scenarios concerning terrorist attacks, psychological assistance to responders and victims, training in first aid, and organization and management of a crisis management unit.

We will seriously listen to and respond to all your questions and concerns before issuing an advisory statement and quote for your consideration.  Mr. Bellahsen will, upon request, aid you in the formation of response teams to handle any situation that may arise.